Welcome :)

Words cannot describe what I'm feeling at this moment. Gratitude, humility, honor, joy. I started my photography business in the midst of the pandemic around January 2020. Shooting with my camera that captured my middle school basketball games on it. Just within this short yet quick time, I have grown so so much, never imagining I would be where I am today. With clients who want to work with ME!! Who trust me to capture their memories and best selves!! Cheesy, I know, but because of you and them, I am here, doing what I love and bringing pure happiness to people's faces when they light up seeing the galleries I deliver. This is me and I am here to make your experience unforgettable and comfortable. You may think you need all the guidance in the world, but hun, I promise you, it's all you! I'm just here along for the ride capturing you in your genuine self and element. Let's get to work.