Class of 2024 Seniors

The saying goes to be true, last year, best year; the year for so so many "lasts". Your senior year is your time to shine and make it as memorable as possible, including YOUR sweet senior pictures. I am here to make your senior session(s) as smooth, comfortable, easy-going, and RAD as possible! One of my passions is seniors because I get to watch you grow in just the short but cherishable amount of time we get to spend together :)

Let's be honest, this is probably one of the first times you are getting your pictures taken where it is SOLELY you in front of the cam. (Even I still get awkward and nervous in front of the lens!) I know that can be so daunting, scary, nerve-racking, or maybe for some even exciting, thrilling, or energetic. Either way, I am here to make your experience genuine, true, spontaneous! I want to learn more than just about your highschool & hometown but rather your passions, hobbies, and everything that makes you a rad human being. From there we can create authentic moments and experiences for your senior year <3

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How will I receive my gallery?

All of my delivery services are online only!! I use a secure and user-friendly platform to deliver galleries with clients. You can download, share, favorite photos through the platform. Eventually your gallery will expire from the site but I will give you a timely notice before it is removed.

What is the turnaround time for my gallery?

Delivery time for senior galleries can range from 4-6 weeks following your session date (depending on season)!

How far will you travel?

While I am Lincoln based, I am totally willing to travel to surrounding areas within a 50 mile radius. I love exploring different and unique locations to stretch my creativity in new places.

Do you offer any printing services?

I do offer printing services directly from my online gallery you can purchase photos! You also have client rights to take your images wherever to print from any place!

Will you help me with locations, poses, outfits and all of that?

OF COURSE!! That is what I am HERE for. I am always scouting places in Lincon to create new vibes and landscapes. As far as outfits, I can guide and/or provide inspo if you want some guidance! With poses, I like to guide and talk you through movements to create more authentic photos. This helps you feel more comfortable and calm in front of the cam :)

Do you provide raws or unedited images?

I do not provide any raw photos as that would not align with my photography services! By entrusting me with your session, you understand I will take my sweet and personal time editing your session to your satisfactory and liking :)